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Imagine Adana


Interactive sound installation

Duration: 31´41


Exhibited in Thirdbase, Lisbon

The work was part of the group exhibition EveryMe curated by Mustafa Boga

The sound installation invites you to imagine and draw based on the sounds from the Turkish city  Adana. A table and drawing equipment has been set up for the audience to use. The recordings were collected in private and public spaces in September 2018, when we visited Adana for the first time as part of an art residency. 

Often we pay more attention to what we see in our surroundings then what we hear. All my senses where experiencing new inputs, taste, touch, sight and hearing. I was wrapped in a new environment. Recording and searching for sounds enabled me to tune into the place. Listening allowed me to access spaces I did not see nor enter.

For the exhibition in Adana I showed a series of six ink drawings based on photographs taken of people in the streets. I wanted to explore how I perceived  a new environment. What caught my attention? What is different from the places I am familiar to? The sound installation “Imagining Adana” is a continuation from the drawings. Which sounds caught my attention? Only this time it is up to the audience to reimagine Adana, a place they cannot see, by only using their ears. 

Photos by Alexis Poles.

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