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La Carpa (The Tent)


Collaboration with Daniela Paz, Nataly Perez Aponte, Andrés Leyton

70 cm x 45 cm 

Monserrate, Bogotá 




"The people in La Sabana knows that they are being observed by you. Can you see the white tent in the horizon? Stand on the vantage point and look 45 degrees to the right. Between the two churches, in a green area. If you had been here 97 years earlier you would have seen trains filled with bogotanos leaving from that same building. The train would take you to the river of Magdalena and other destination of commerce.


Today, after being abandoned for 20 years, you have other reasons to go to the train station. You can't catch any train from there, unless you want to buy one of the old trains and restore them. But what you can do is: make a table, cook a tamal, read private law, restore buildings, make scenography for a play. And right now that's what a lot of young people, old people, any people, are doing in this space you are looking at. Why not take a closer look and pay them a visit?

Adress: Estación de la Sabana, calle 13n 18-90"    

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